Inside NUS, there are five policy zones covering broad areas of issues affecting students:

Welfare Zone

The wellbeing of students in their institutions, their homes and their families.

Welfare Key Themes  – Welfare Zone Policy – Vice President Colum McGuire

Further Education Zone

Issues relating to the educational experience of learners in the further education and skills sector.

Further Education Key Themes – FE Zone Policy – Vice President Joe Vinson

Higher Education

Issues that affect the study and development of students in higher education.

Higher Education Key Themes – HE Zone Policy – Vice President Rachel Wenstone

Union Development

Supporting students’ unions to engage and develop their members through activities and services.

Union Development Key Themes – UD Zone Policy – Vice President Raechel Mattey

Society and Citizenship

The issues that affect students in wider society, the world and student engagement with them.

Society and Citizenship Key Themes – Society and Citizenship Zone Policy – Vice President Dom Anderson

The role of each zone is to lead a portfolio of work, enable in-depth and wide ranging research and discussion on issues important to students, and deliver campaigns and work programmes relevant to that area.

Each Zone is led by a Vice President elected at the NUS National Conference and a committee elected at the zone conference held in late October.