Further Education

Theme 1: Qualifications and Progression

Further Education qualifications are undergoing radical reforms.

These range from altering the structure and content of GCSEs and A levels to formulating new vocational qualifications, traineeships and apprenticeship frameworks.

These complex reforms, together with the raising of the participation age and the cuts on Information, Advice and Guidance, mean that it is essential that NUS FE zone prioritises qualifications and progression this year.

This policy portal will give you the chance to debate and discuss qualifications and progression, providing a student perspective on how they should be shaped.

  • How will Government reforms affect the structure and content of FE qualifications?
  • What are the implications of these for future FE learners?
  • How would students shape this framework?

Download the Key Theme report on Qualifications and Progression

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Theme 2: The Challenge of Learner Voice

The Further Education sector consists of a hugely diverse and varied group of institutions and learners.

Improving learner voice is crucial as it enables learners to express their views, needs and concerns, and also ensures that organisations respond appropriately to the issues that are raised.

By choosing learner voice as our second theme we hope to encourage you to think about the learners you represent. It is a chance to consider the challenges which representing such a broad range of learners involves and an opportunity to share experience with fellow student officers.

  • What are the challenges of learner voice for different types of FE learner?
  • What principles must we adopt to ensure both independence of learners and partnership with their providers?

Download the Key Theme report on the Challenge of Learner Voice

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