Youth work and youth services

Younger students and study-leavers face higher levels of youth unemployment than for many decades; are more likely to work for low pay and on insecure terms than in previous years and amongst older age groups, and are increasingly employed at below their skill level. This theme investigates the key issues in the job market and how they affect students and study-leavers, and consider the potential influence of students and students’ unions in improving the number, nature and quality of jobs available.

How can students’ union led employment campaigning and employability programmes complement each other and change the job market for a generation and support individuals to follow their career wishes?

Such issues are not only affecting our members now, but if left unresolved will have a scarring effect upon our economy, society and perhaps students and potential students’ attitudes towards the value of education itself. If students do not get a decent job as a result of their studies, does this change what education means to them?

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